Task Administrative Staff

Task Administrative Staff and Their Functions for the Company

Task Administrative Staff – Within a company, several sections or divisions must be formed to carry out their functions so that the company can run properly and sustainable, one of which is the administrative section or division. However, do you know the duties of the administrative staff as well as their functions?

If you don’t know this and want to broaden your horizons about the duties and functions of the administrative staff, read this article to the end, OK!

Functions of the Administrative Section and Administrative Staff

Administration is a process or activity of planning, directing, organizing, and also supervising work that is related to activities within the company or agency.

To be able to carry out the work of the administrative section, it is necessary to have administrative staff. Within the company, the administrative staff functions to do several things whose results can be felt directly, including:

  1. The work of the administrative section can be divided efficiently and effectively.
  2. Due to proper management, the tasks of the company can be completed properly.
  3. Due to good and precise arrangements, collaboration with other sections can be more focused and also more structured.
  4. Document archiving will be organized so as to make it easier for both the administrative section and other sections to work.

Task Administrative Staff

The administrative staff has several tasks that must be done, so that the work in the company can be carried out properly and well. When viewed in general or in outline, the duties of administrative staff are related to documents.


For example, recap data into documents, manage and store these documents, so that they are neat and well-organized. The other task of the administrative staff are:

Doing Company Data Entry

When archiving data, administrative staff also need to enter or recap existing data. The recorded data can come from clients or consumers who have established cooperation with the company.

If the company has developed, usually the data recap process will be assisted by the Warehouse section so that administrative staff only needs to summarize the conclusions obtained from other sections.

Receiving Incoming Phone Calls

When there is an incoming call to a company that does not yet have a large scale, it is usually the administrative staff who are on duty and are obliged to accept the incoming call. Therefore, administrative staff must have the ability to communicate well.

Making Office Agenda

The office agenda is made so that the schedules of the leadership do not conflict or overlap with other activities. Office agendas made by administrative staff can be monthly or yearly.

Ensure Inventory of Company Office Stationery

This may sound like a trivial thing at first glance, but the availability of office stationery has an influence on the continuity of office activities, so that it can run well, smoothly and neatly.

The administrative staff has a duty to ensure the availability of office stationery and ensure that it is fulfilled properly, so that it will not have a bad impact on activities in the office.

Preparing Tickets and Accommodations for Activities and Working Visits

When there are activities or work visits carried out by employees, the administrative staff is tasked with preparing tickets and accommodation, which are then related to the financial flow of the company.

Many people still underestimate the work of administrative staff because it seems trivial. However, they do not know that the duties of administrative staff can affect the continuity of a company’s work.


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