Sales Admin Task and Responsibilities (Sales Admin)

Sales administrators or Sales Admins play an important administrative role in supporting the marketing team and providing important relationships between salespeople and clients. Sales admin tasks are full of hurdles such as providing reports to PE executives, working in a challenging and competitive environment, processing all marketing-related documents and controlling appointments for marketing personnel to visit new or existing customers. Sales Administrator creates client prospects, increases customer numbers, answers client inquiries and prepares marketing documentation. A large amount of their time is spent communicating and handling customer info.

Marketing support administrators provide critical support for the company’s marketing team. They handle necessary administrative work, such as order processing, and act as extensions to the marketing team when representatives are away from the office. The sales admin task is to provide a point of contact for loyal customers with questions about orders or deliveries. An effective marketing support administrator contributes to quality loyal customer service and helps the marketing team meet its goals.

General Duties of Sales Admin (Sales Admin)

  • Handle consumer demand
  • Chasing the selling price
  • Urgent daily marketing target
  • Maintaining a good relationship with loyal customers
  • Respond to customer requests by telephone
  • Generate reports
  • Growing business
  • Maintain client records
  • Support marketing representatives while they are in the field
  • Handle incoming calls and correspondence,
  • Update repetition of order status and delivery details until they keep the customer informed
  • Set up an appointment for the sales team and provide any presentation or product data the representative needs for discussion.

Responsibilities of Sales Administrator (Sales Admin)

  • Handle marketing invoices
  • Do billing payments that have been past
  • Keep an eye on ongoing orders
  • Serve consumers, who may need assistance with requests, wishes and complaints
  • The administrator is responsible for processing orders by telephone, e-mail or mail
  • Checks if the order includes the correct price, discount and product number and enters it into the company’s computer system
  • Administrator keeps marketing records and updates consumer records
  • Provide marketing info by product line or region that sales managers use to prepare reports and monitor performance
  • Order process via e-mail or telephone
  • Check the accuracy of data in orders and invoices
  • Related with Logistics department to ensure timely delivery
  • Maintain and update sales and consumer records
  • Improve daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales reports
  • Ensure sales targets are met and report any irregularities
  • Up-to-date with new products and features

Sales Admin Ability and Work Experience

  • A good candidate for the role is an effective and easy-to-fit employee with administrative skills
  • Have knowledge of spreadsheets
  • Have excellent customer service skills
  • Customer service or client management
  • Understand numeric data
  • Be pro-active and flexible
  • Information Technology Capability
  • Deadline meeting
  • Good communication and behave politely and professionally
  • Optimistic, careful and collaborative
  • Have a Plan
  • Project management
  • Have strengths and qualifications in the areas of skills, computer and grammar
  • Administrators need good organizational skills to coordinate all sales administration factors
  • Can work precisely with attention to detail so that they process orders quickly and effectively
  • Good communicator, working together with other departments responsible for fulfilling orders or providing service to customers.
  • Administrators need good clerical skills, along with computing power and data entry.
  • Knowledge of sales performance metrics
  • Excellent organizational and multitasking skills
  • A team player with a high level of dedication
  • Able to work under tight deadline

This is an explanation of the sales admin task. For those of you who are interested, above has explained what the duties and responsibilities as well as the skills that must be possessed. Jobs as a sales admin are much needed. Most companies need it. Hopefully the above information can be useful for those of you who are looking for work.


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