Malang City UMR Salary

Malang City UMR Salary 2022

Malang City UMR Salary – Talking about life, it can be said that money cannot be separated from it. Because, it is undeniable that all the things we need to support our lives really need money. Whether it’s from the needs of food, clothing, or boards.

To get an income that can support these expenses of course you have to work. Regulations in Indonesia currently use policies such as someone who is already 17 years old or who already has an Identity Card, then they are allowed to work. Because it does not wonder if high school children are also good at work.

Then, regarding the salary or salary itself, each province also has its own rules or what is called the UMR. Therefore, every company needs to pay wages according to the UMR regulations in the province. If they are not given according to the decision, the company can be subject to a fine.

The penalty given to business operators who violate their obligations in providing wages to their employees is confirmed by the threat of imprisonment and fines. Make this prison sentence yourself, it can be given for one to four years. Meanwhile, the threat of a fine is in the form of money of at least 100 million to up to 400 million.

This UMR amount can be used as a reference for basic wages for a worker whose status is still single or unmarried, and has a working time of less than 1 year. So, if you do not get income according to the amount of the UMR, then you can complain to your boss to the authorities, so that you can get your rights.

What is the UMR Salary?

Saying about the UMR salary of Malang City, maybe some of you don’t know what the UMR is or even if you still have a misunderstanding about the meaning of this UMR. Well, UMR itself is an abbreviation of Regional Minimum Wage, which can be concluded as setting a minimum salary in a certain area.

Previously, the UMR was divided into two levels, namely the Level I UMR and the Level II UMR. However, based on the transition contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No. 7 issued in 2013, the meaning of the UMR itself underwent an overhaul.

Which change is now known with a new meaning, namely the UMR Level I which was changed to the UMP (Provincial Minimum Wage). And, which was originally known as the Level II UMR, has now changed its designation to the UMK (Regency/City Minimum Wage).

However, even though there is a new meaning for the UMR, there are still many people who call the UMR salary to refer to the UMP. Now, to be more complete, the UMR Level I or UMP is the definition for mentioning the minimum wage in all regencies/cities in one province.

So, regencies or cities in the same province will get at least the same salary, the same as the regional minimum wage in the province. However, this UMR only refers to the minimum salary to be received, while the full amount of wages will vary depending on the UMK in each place.

What is the difference between the Malang City UMR Salary & the Minimum Wage?

Talking about UMR and UMK, do you still not know about these two things? understand. Well, if you still don’t know, you can read the following which is definitely easier to understand. So, you will not be confused again in using the meaning of UMR and UMK.

The same as what was said earlier, if the UMR or Regional Minimum Wage is a term that is still used to refer to the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP). Which, the Malang City UMR salary ensures the minimum amount of wages or salaries that will be received by employees in all regencies or cities in the same province.


Meanwhile, the UMK as an abbreviation of the Regency/City Minimum Wage is the minimum wage range that applies in one regency/city. So, even though you are in the same province that has the same UMR, the salary you will receive will not be the same as your friends in other cities.

Not only from the other magnitudes, other differences between the UMR and the UMK are the determinants. Because the UMR refers to the minimum salary in a province, the one who has regulations to control it is the government that has a high position in the province, namely the governor.

And, the one who determines the UMK is an official in the district or city, who is a regent or mayor. However, if a regent or mayor has not decided on the amount of the UMK in his area, then the amount of wages set in the district or city can refer to the amount of the UMR that has been determined by the governor.

Then, the important rule that distinguishes the Malang City UMR salary and the UMK salary is the amount. Which means, the amount of the minimum wage should be higher than the minimum wage which leads to a minimum salary in one province. This matter is determined so because the determination of the minimum wage has been in accordance with the very minimum needs in one province.

However, even though they are in the same province, the economic class in each district or city area must be different. Therefore, in order to overcome the adequacy of living financing in each district or city area, the nominal UMK which is larger than the provincial UMR is confirmed.

How is Malang City’s UMR Salary Determined?

For its own determination, the Malang City UMR salary can experience changes every year, which is regularly carried out in November. Changes in the UMR decision on average will be the same or tend to increase, because it is adjusted to the growing economic needs. The approval of the UMR amount will be confirmed by the governor plus the results of considerations from the DPD.

The DPD or the Provincial Wage Council took an important role in ratifying this UMR amount. Because, it could be said that the Provincial Wage Council carries out the needs assessment process for the community, so it can determine the nominal amount of salary that is appropriate and representative for the community area in a province.

The process carried out to create an agreement can be called spending a lot of time. Starting from the initial meeting process which must include all parties, including bureaucrats, workers, academics, entrepreneurs, and of course also from the Regional Wage Council itself.

All parties involved began holding meetings to see how far the economies of scale have changed over the years. After that, one of the results of this meeting can usually do the creation of a survey team. Which, this team will be tasked with conducting a survey of basic needs directly in the field.

What will determine the amount of the Malang City UMR salary is the results of evaluations that have been carried out in a number of districts or cities in one province. So that it can produce results that are more representative of describing economic interests in one province. This description of needs is commonly referred to as the meaning of KHL or Decent Living Needs.

KHL was originally mentioned with the meaning of KHM or Minimum Living Needs. However, because the meaning is deemed inhumane because it only fulfills the minimum needs, therefore the meaning is replaced with KHL. The term KHL is considered more appropriate and more humane because it can meet the needs of life with an appropriate standard.

The basis for selecting the KHL amount is based on the expenses required by an employee whose status is still single or unmarried. So, it is not strange if the UMR that will be proposed later has a nominal amount that is minimal, cannot support the needs of more than one person or who is already married.v

After the survey team conducted a direct survey to identify the amount needed for someone to fulfill the KHL, the nominal amount of the Malang City UMR salary was confirmed to be proposed to the governor. Here, the governor’s job is to re-evaluate the conference results, survey results, and the nominal UMR that has been proposed.

List of Malang City UMR Salaries Nominal in 2021

For those of you who are curious about the Malang City UMR salary in 2021, then you can see the full review below. The following is a complete list of East Java MSEs in 2021 based on the Decree of the Governor of East Java number 188/538/KPTS/013/2020:

Kota SurabayaRp 4.300.479,19
Kabupaten GresikRp 4.297.030,51
Kabupaten SidoarjoRp 4.293.581,85
Kabupaten PasuruanRp 4.290.133,19
Kabupaten MojokertoRp 4.279.787,17
Kabupaten MalangRp 3.068.275,36
Kota MalangRp 2.970.502,73
Kota PasuruanRp 2.819.801,59
Kota BatuRp 2.819.801,59
Kabupaten JombangRp 2.654.095,88
Kabupaten ProbolinggoRp 2.553.265,95
Kabupaten TubanRp 2.532.234,77
Kabupaten LamonganRp 2.488.724,77
Kota MojokertoRp 2.481.302,97
Kabupaten JemberRp 2.355.662,91
Kota ProbolinggoRp 2.350.000,00
Kabupaten BanyuwangiRp 2.314.278,87
Kota KediriRp 2.085.924,76
Kabupaten BojonegoroRp 2.066.781,80
Kabupaten KediriRp 2.033.504,99
Kabupaten TulungagungRp 2.010.000,00
Kabupaten BlitarRp 2.004.705,75
Kota BlitarRp 2.004.705,75
Kabupaten LumajangRp 1.982.295,10
Kabupaten PacitanRp 1.961.154,77
Kabupaten NgawiRp 1.960.510,00
Kabupaten BondowosoRp 1.954.705,75
Kabupaten BangkalanRp 1.954.705,75
Kabupaten NganjukRp 1.954.705,75
Kabupaten SumenepRp 1.954.705,75
Kota MadiunRp 1.954.705,75
Kabupate MadiunRp 1.951.588,16
Kabupaten TrenggalekRp 1.938.321,73
Kabupaten SitubondoRp 1.938.321,73
Kabupaten PamekasanRp 1.938.321,73
Kabupaten PonorogoRp 1.938.321,73
Kabupaten MagetanRp 1.938.321,73
Kabupaten SampangRp 1.918.321,73

Well, that’s a complete review regarding the determination of the Malang City UMR salary for 2021 and the difference between it and the UMK.


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