Alfamart Crew Store Task You Should Know

Alfamart Crew Store Task does look very simple and attractive with placement in an AC room, of course it is very cool if you look at the Alfamart Crew Store while doing its work.

but did you know that the task of being an Alfamart Crew Store is fairly cooperative and also disciplined from all aspects of assessment both internally and externally related to tidiness and good language speech

In order to provide good service and pamper shop visitors when shopping, have you ever been greeted in a friendly manner when you just entered the shop door with a welcome like that, of course you are happy not being treated well.

In addition to visiting the store with Rama, you also know that Alfamart’s Crew Store duties also have to tidy up the items in the store or items that have just arrived from Mobil Logistics.

As an employee, of course, you are required to fulfill all the rules that apply in a company as well as Alfamart. You are required to follow the rules that apply in it. Here I will inform you of my experience while working there and the Tasks of the Alfamart Crew Store


5 Alfamart Crew Store Tasks

As an employee in a company you are required to perform 5 Alfamart Crew Store Tasks and the appropriate way of working contained in the company regulations where you have to submit and comply with what is given and assigned to employees

  1. Ensure that your work area is clean and comfortable for visitors so that all those who shop are comfortable and feel at home to return to a clean and tidy store
  2. Serving buyers in a good way in order to increase sales you have to do good behavior to buyers, for example by helping to carry groceries or helping to pick up something the buyer wants
  3. Arrange and organize items in the workplace to ensure items are not mixed up, dropped or lost, you should always organize the items in the store you take care of as the Task of the Alfamart Store Crew
  4. Ensuring that the products in the storefront are still suitable for sale, so you have to make sure that in your store there are no expired products, to keep your store always giving high priority to the health of the buyer, you must check the expiration date on the product packaging.
  5. Make sure the money from the sale is not lacking or even minus the things you must know if you mine it will have a bad impact on the salary you receive because later you can get a discount when you receive wages because you made a mistake in the sale then there will be consequences.

So for those of you who are interested in working at Alfamart, those are the 5 Tasks of Alfamart Crew Stores that you should know, but wherever you work and you know you have to give good things, then there you will be good.

5 Alfamart Employee Obligations

  • Time discipline must be on time in working activities as an Alfamart store crew, you must come to work at the right time
  • Neatness is prioritized for your Alfamart Crew Store, you are required to keep yourself tidy, such as having to smell good, there should be no body odor and hair must be combed neatly so that your appearance is pleasing to the eye.
  • Hard Worker You must have a hardworking spirit so that you are always happy while carrying out your duties as an Alfamart employee
  • Your smile and friendliness must have a friendly soul in order to welcome anyone who has just entered the Alfamart store
  • Good Morals Must have a good personality to carry out work Having a good personality is very important in all companies, especially Alfamart, this is a rental shop that has goods on display freely

How the Crew Store works at Alfamart

For the Alfamart Crew Store section, the work you do is a little different from the Admin as a Crew who is on the job, you have to make sure the area where you work is always comfortable and clean.

In addition to cleanliness and tidiness, the priority factor is also time discipline, you must always be on time, don’t be late for work, that’s the most important part of being a Crow Alfamart

You must be able to do the things that PT needs to do to carry out your duties properly and correctly, besides that discipline and great responsibility are also the main assessment factors when you work as a Crew Store Alfamart


Tips For Work

A few tips from me, who has work experience, for those of you who are working or looking for work, you have to keep your spirits up, there should be no words of despair and always focus on discipline in your work.

Do all your work activities with your heart, and always pray to make your soul always calm, do positive activities after coming home from work

And I always emphasize you workers must always be disciplined and on time or if possible you are always there at the beginning of work


How do you know the Task of the Alfamart Crew Store before you apply for a job at Alfamart, you should prepare carefully so that you can work well later, I hope this article can help open insight for those of you who want to know the duties of the Alfamart Crew Store, thank you


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